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Pacific BC Concrete Residential Lift & Level


Driveway, garage floor, sidewalk, steps or slab sinking? We at BC Concrete Levelling, lift & level all types of sunken/uneven concrete.

Pacific BC Concrete Commercial Lift & Level


To avoid liability risks have your chipped, sunken or cracked concrete fixed by the professionals at BC Concrete Levelling.

Pacific BC Concrete Industrial Lift & Level


Increase safety and productivity! We can take on large projects like warehouse floors & manufacturing and production plants.

Pacific BC Concrete Agricultural Lift & Level


To meet agricultural concrete specifications we use the highest quality concrete around grain bins, quonsets and workshops.

Pacific BC Concrete Municipalities Lift & Level


In the long run, the use of concrete levelling in neighbourhoods can help reduce costs and lessen concrete deterioration.

Sinking Concrete

Concrete slabs that have begun to sink or subside can indicate a variety of ground movements, such as settling or shifting. It is essential to discover the cause and extent of the problem quickly, as this can negatively affect a few areas of your home or the entire structure.

Wall Cracking

Cracks in walls can be a sign of a few different foundation issues. One of the most common reasons for cracks is when water seeps under your foundation, freezes and expands. It is essential to take care of these issues quickly to avoid more costly repairs.

Uneven Structures

If you find it difficult to open and close the windows or doors, it could be because your home has subsided over time. Subsidence causes the floor levels to become uneven and causes problems with opening windows, doors and other building elements.

Subsidence due to Vegetation

Trees and vegetation will absorb moisture from the ground and cause the soil to dry up, leading to subsidence and concrete sinking. As a result, buildings can crack, their foundations can shift, and the structure itself will be forced to bear more stress than it was built to withstand.

Water Accumulation

Drainage system faults can lead to soft spots in the ground and undermine the foundations of a house. The results of water damage to your foundation can take many forms, ranging from leaning walls or floors to cracks or even structural damage to your home.

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the most common causes of structural damage to homes. A home's foundation, which supports the entire home, can become unstable and eventually collapse over time. This could result in expensive repairs or the complete replacement of your home.

Heavy Vehicular Movement

You may not realize the damage that occurs to your slab or driveway when it is driven on. Frequent heavy traffic will cause deterioration over time. With very slight movements occurring every time a vehicle sits on them, slabs will deteriorate if not supported properly.

Resin Injection

If your home has sunken floors and a concrete foundation, we can restore it to its original height. We use a modern underpinning technique where we inject structural polyurethane resins through small holes in the floor slab to fill the voids and compact soft fill material. This process is fast and efficient and will not interrupt your routine.

Water Stopping

When water pools around your home's foundation, it can cause devastating damage. Not only can it undermine the stability of the structure itself, but it also offers an ideal environment for mould and mildew to grow. BC Concrete Lifting has extensive experience with water-stopping agents that will protect your home.

Void Filling

Voids in the ground can cause serious damage to a building by removing or reducing the strength of the supporting strata of structural components. BC Concrete Lifting can stabilize the ground around your home and prevent further sinking and settling. We use a polyurethane foam void filling technique to alleviate these issues.

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Structural Repairs

When it comes to repairing and improving the structural integrity of your property, we have all the tools and products you need. We can seal cracks, reinforce walls, repair or replace failing concrete foundations and more. Our solutions are designed to provide lasting performance and peace of mind for years to come.


Your concrete driveway can become cracked and uneven due to environmental factors, wear and tear, traffic, seasonal changes and extreme weather conditions. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for levelling concrete driveways so that there are no gaps between the expansion joints. We also fill cracks in walls or floors with cement to provide a stronger and more durable surface, saving you both time and money on future repairs.

Sunken Concrete

If your home suffers from unlevel concrete, polyurethane slab lifting may be just what you need. This cost-effective procedure can save you time and trouble by ensuring your home's foundation is raised to its original level. Not only will the strengthened ground offer added stability to your home, but it is also a permanent solution to sunken and settled concrete slabs. This process can be used to lift almost any type of slab including sidewalks, steps, pool decks, patios and driveways.

Leak Control

When installed by a qualified professional, polyurethane foam can be an effective and affordable means of stopping water from flowing near or into your home. This helps stop potential leaks and can prevent water damage. The improved drainage of water allows for the proper flow of water away from your foundation and prevents erosion around your house. Our foam-injection process is designed to fully protect your home from mould, moisture, decay, pests and more!

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