Commercial Concrete Levelling

Commercial Polyurethane lifting and stabilization has only become a more common method for service and repairs in the past several years as the technology has increased so much with the different types of foam. There are three primary services we offer in the commercial sector: ground stabilization, Void filling/ sealing, and lifting.
Each service offers cost and time-effective solutions for a variety of projects. The biggest thing to consider with commercial projects is usually time. With the quick setup and initial curing of polyurethane, we are able to stabilize the ground with the ability to drive over the area within hours. If there is a void required to fill or seal, you can rest assured, knowing whatever was sprayed for filled will be secure and watertight.
Those are just a couple of methods we are able to assist in the commercial sector, but the use of polyurethane can be used for so much more as well. Give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can assist on whatever project you may have.