Polyurethane Concrete Lifting: An Innovative Concrete Repair Method

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting: An Innovative Concrete Repair Method

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a cost-effective, environmentally conscious solution for lifting a sunken or settled concrete slab. Polyurethane concrete lifting, or polyjacking, is the preferred method of homeowners and business owners to lift and level settled concrete surfaces. Polyjacking is a process that raises settled concrete slabs by injecting high-density polyurethane foam into small holes drilled in the sunken concrete slab to fill in voids below. Let's look at some of why poly jacking is better than pouring a new concrete slab. From improved curb appeal to better structural stability and lower maintenance costs down the road, here are some reasons why you should consider polyurethane concrete raising over replacement.

Concrete is the most regularly used construction material worldwide, and it can also be costly to replace. Polyurethane concrete levelling is a cost-effective way to return your concrete slab to its original position without having to pour a new one. The cost to repair is significantly less than replacing an entire slab of concrete because you're not tearing out any more than necessary. Polyjacking uses fewer materials and labour and takes less time than replacement, which will save you money. 

More and more people are choosing polyurethane concrete lifting as an alternative to replacement. Polyurethane concrete raising is an excellent option because it doesn't require pouring new concrete. Polyjacking reduces environmental impact because lifted concrete slabs don't end up in landfills. The polyurethane foam we use is made partly of recycled materials and doesn't contain harsh and toxic chemicals that will seep into the soil over time.  

Polyjacking is faster and easier than replacement; smaller projects can take a few hours. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the fastest and cleanest concrete lifting process. Small holes are drilled and patched when the work is complete. The area is ready for use almost immediately after the job is complete. The area will be out of service for days when a new concrete slab is poured; polyurethane concrete levelling eliminates that wait time. Polyjacking is noninvasive and doesn't require any heavy equipment. Polyjacking can repair almost any type of damaged concrete quickly and easily. 

Lifting concrete with polyurethane foam is a long-lasting alternative to replacement. Polyurethane foam is water-resistant, so it won't break down over time if water is present. In most cases, poly jacking is a permanent solution, saving you money on repair costs in the future. Polyurethane foam for concrete raising is also very strong. Polyjacking is frequently used in highway repairs because of its strength and quick application. Polyjacking foam has been developed specifically for raising and supporting concrete and has an excellent track record as a high-performance repair option.

If you want a cost-efficient alternative to concrete slab replacement or traditional concrete levelling methods like mudjacking, then polyurethane concrete lifting is for you! With many advantages over mudjacking and concrete replacement, polyurethane concrete levelling can help you save time and money. It is fast and efficient, environmentally friendly, and can stabilize an old foundation. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the best solution for sunken and settled concrete. 

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