Concrete Interior Slab Levelling

A slab can be lifted with a simple technique that doesn't require any heavy equipment. The process only takes a few hours and won't leave you with any concrete dust to clean up. If you're looking for concrete interior slab lifting services, you've come to the right place.
Concrete slab lifting is the process of raising the ground level of a concrete slab. It is also known as “concrete slab jacking,” It involves pumping polyurethane foam under the slab and through a chemical reaction, creating hydraulic pressure to raise the concrete up.
This process is commonly used for basement and foundation projects where the homeowner has encountered these issues: too low foundation, settling, uneven foundation, leaky pipes, concrete beam repair, leaky good caps, driveway repair, pool deck repair and many other similar problems.
If your slab is sinking, it means that the ground beneath it has drained away and is no longer supporting its weight. The most common causes of this include: water seepage, shifting soil, poor design work, excavation work nearby, and differential settlement of nearby structures. Properly lifting sunken slabs without causing further damage requires the services of an experienced contractor who knows how to do these jobs safely and effectively.

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